Collage Making Technique

15 February 2023
A picture of a female person at the seaside smiling
By Maxi Schoelzel
As the emotional competence lady of Samaṇa, Maxi implements small changes in her everyday life, one step at a time. Rather than scheming, she likes to instead try and fail. She's been using art therapeutic methods for years in her individual and group work. Having begun doing breathwork intensely is another change in her life. For Samaṇa she translates her art therapeutic experience into words and practice.

60-Minute Collage Making

Gather a variety of materials such as magazines, newspapers, old books, fabric, and glue. Choose a theme or focus for your collage, such as a specific emotion or memory. As you search through your materials and begin to place them on your paper or canvas, allow yourself to be guided by your intuition. This process can be both cathartic and therapeutic, as you visually explore your thoughts and feelings.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Preparation: Gather a variety of materials such as magazines, newspapers, old books, fabric, and glue. Put a pencil aside as well.
  2. Instruction: Start by choosing a topic for your work. This can be an actual emotion or memory you would like to work with. If you can't find a concrete topic, you can always start by browsing your materials and see what comes up during the process. Then start by looking for pictures, forms, colors in your materials that fit your topic and cut them out. Place them on your paper or canvas, in whatever way that feels right. If everything fits, start gluing your cutouts. If you feel like it, write or draw inside of your collage.
  3. After the activity: Reflect on the following questions:
  • What can I see?
  • How does it make me feel to look at it?
  • Where can I see my chosen topic the most and why?

How about you put 60 minutes aside this week to give this technique a shot when you would like to engage more deeply with yourself?

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The information in this article is provided as an information resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult a professional for guidance about a specific condition.