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Playfully explore your emotional world -


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Date: Monday, 6 November 2023

Time: 6-7 pm CET (Berlin, Germany)

Where: Online

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Do you ...

  • ... feel scared of your own feelings?
  • ... worry about being impulsive?
  • ... feel agitated?
  • ... want to feel your feelings - the "good" and "bad" ones, without suppressing them?
  • ... want to say "no" and still feel in peace with yourself?
  • ... care about growth for the benefit of yourself and others?

Then learn to play with your emotional & inner world!

Learn to play with your emotional world ...

... and empower yourself!

We'll engage playfully with your inner world so YOU can ...

  • ... better understand your needs to confidently say "no" (or "HELL YEAH!")
  • ... establish a safe space for yourself & begin accepting who YOU are
  • ... fundamentally CHANGE the relationship you have with your "bad" feelings, so you always feel fine
  • ... find deep connection with others
  • ... trust yourself, so you can make the right choices for YOU

Join this FREE Masterclass and start enjoying your emotional world and its depth instead of running away from it or only scratching the surface!

In case you're unable to attend the live Masterclass, a recording will be shared with people who registered!

Playfully explore your emotional world -

In school, we learn about mathematics, physics, and biology. In short, the outside world.

To learn how to engage with our inner & emotional world, we mostly rely on our parents. Patterns our parents learned are handed over to us. Emotional topics they didn't resolve also become our challenges.

In short, what they know and embody, they pass on. What they don't know, we might never learn.

We are never TAUGHT systematically how to engage with our inner world and our emotions!

Yet, think of the difference a "good" day vs. a "bad" day makes: it's obvious how powerful an effect this inner world has on us!

There are so many ways to dive into your feelings playfully and skillfully.

Instead of hating yourself for being emotional, learn how to celebrate it, turn it into a strength and use it to live a life well-lived.

Your Host

I don't know when it happened that I started feeling ashamed of my inner world and feelings and subsequently disengaged from them.
I remember when I was eight, our cat died and rather than grieving with my family, I cried in the bathroom not wanting to be seen. My mom told me that I may "cry with them", but she never explored with me WHAT made me hide in the bathroom.

Growing up I implicitly learnt that "being in my head" and "ignoring my body" was the way to go: School even rewarded me for being unemotional and conceptual!
This approach allowed me to excel, and I attained my presumable dream and high-status job as a management consultant at BCG (Boston Consulting Group).
My dream job turned out to be a nightmare though and I felt increasingly dead and unmotivated. I reacted by pouring all my energy into learnt patterns: suppress emotions, use your mind!
That resulted in me being less and less in touch with my reality: After all, our mind and body co-exist in the same being!
I was oblivious to what I wanted and to what was good for me. Instead, I simply tagged along, looking for guidance and direction anywhere I presumed it to be found.
I was also oblivious to how much I suffered: During my first 10-day meditation retreat, I woke up every single night to the rapid palpations of my heart. All that emotional energy that I had pent up came to the fore the moment I stopped being in my head and ran away from it. It was an eye-opening experience.

I began turning away from "the outside world" and instead turned inwards. I began learning skills to engage with my inner world and emotions. I realized that neither myself, nor anyone I asked, had systematically learnt any of these skills growing up!
How was this even possible?
My dad was a psychiatrist, it was his JOB to help people navigate their inner landscape. Yet, I hadn't learnt any of the skills and tools I picked up over years of study and practice as a Zen monk, hospice worker, emotional support counsellor, reading hundreds of books, attending seminars and workshops and, and, and...

Recently, I went through a breakup of a long-term relationship. The first night was rough - and incredibly beautiful: I wailed like I had never in my life! The emotional energy cursed through my body, moving both mind and body.
It was a truly profound and beautiful moment to be able to be so sad and to feel it!

This is what we teach with Samana, the organization I co-founded: Tools to engage with and celebrate our inner & emotional world.

In addition to my work with Samana, I am currently training as a Zen student in Berlin, Germany.

If you let cloudy water settle, it will become clear. If you let your upset mind settle, your course will also become clear.

– Gautama Buddha