6 Weeks to Feel Empowered
When Stressed, Sad, or Anxious

Learn ALL-THE-TOOLS you need to be worry-free, take time for yourself, and to de-stress.
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6-Week Program to Feel Empowered When Stressed, Sad, or Anxious*:
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Week 1: Ground Yourself
Learn to completely stay in the present moment, ground yourself and keep calm & relaxed.
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Week 2: Practice Empathy
Understand yourself and others better & learn how to feel connected via interpersonal Meditation.
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Week 3: Understand your Emotional World
Learn IFS (Internal Family Systems) to help manage conflicts and tension, finding balance.
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Week 4: Stay in the Present Moment
Calm your restless mind, relax and stay aware & present via Meditation.
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Week 5: De-Stress & Express Your Emotions
Connect & relax with breathwork and express & reflect your emotions with art therapeutic methods.
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Week 6: Apply It All with an Emotional Sharing Circle
Connect & de-stress with breathwork and share your emotions with your group to feel and understand your emotions.
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... Have Your Own Toolkit to Feel Empowered!
Walk away with a toolkit to feel empowered when stressed, sad, or anxious!

The opposite of objectivity is not subjectivity or solipsism, but responsibility.

– Heinz von Foerster