Our ways to engage with reality

We will not fix you, but with love, trust, and acceptance will we hold space and growtogether.
What does joining Samaṇa look like?
Most of our time is spent learning about the "outer world": physics, math and biology; a job to develop a new product.
Not a lot of time is spent on Inner Work: Work that brings us in touch with ourselves.

With a weekly time commitment of 3-4 hours you begin to:
  • Harmonize the relationship you have with yourself and others and to infuse these encounters with magic.
  • Allow to integrate your emotional wounds into your being.
  • Allow to transcend your being.
  • Bring forth your own truth and to live our life in accord with that.
The course outline for the first 8 weeks*:
*can be subject to change
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Get to know us better and share with us what you seek in a 30-minute call.
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Week 1: Introduction
Get to know your cohort and the Stewards!
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Week 2: Individual Reflection with your Steward
Have an individual deep dive with your Steward.
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Week 3: Authentic Relating - Circling - Interpersonal Meditation
Learn new ways to see yourself and others.
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Week 4: Internal Family Systems
Bring your different parts into harmony.
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Week 5: Meditation
Expand your awareness.
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Week 6: Art Therapy
Reflect on your emotions via art.
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Week 7: Individual Reflection with your Steward
Have an individual deep dive with your Steward.
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Week 8: Emotional Sharing Circle
Share your emotions and reflect on with your Group.
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... your own contemplative toolkit!
Build your own contemplate toolkit of growth modalities and grow as a human being!

Everyone has two lives. The second starts when they realize they have only one.

– Wayne Gretzky

Integral Growth Model

Within the first 8 weeks and - if you continue - over the course of your journey with us, you will grow and develop in these four areas.
A spiral icon showing that we can go deeper.
Authentic relating
Ethical & cognitive development to relate to self & others harmoniously.
A heart icon showing the value of emotions.
Emotional competence
Releasing emotional pains and being aware of emotions & needs and acting skillfully on them.
A tree icon showing growth in nature as a way to live a life well-lived.
Embody responsibility
Become a sovereign agent in perceiving, relating to & sensemaking of the world.
A person stretching towards the sun.
Progress via spiritual practice to your deeper truths and gain greater awareness.

The opposite of objectivity is not subjectivity or solipsism, but responsibility.

– Heinz von Foerster

Learn more about our growth modalities

Learn more about some of the growth modalities that are part of your Samana program.
Transpersonal Psychology
Transpersonal psychology, or spiritual psychology, is a sub-field or school of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology.

To advance, I retreat.

– Roger Walsh