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Set boundaries and say "no" while still being a caring friend & colleague!

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Date: Monday, 11 December 2023

Time: 6-7 pm CET (Berlin, Germany)

Where: Online

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Do you ...

  • ... feel afraid of leaving work on time because your boss might be upset with you?
  • ... feel scared of saying no because others might not like you anymore?
  • ... suffer through a movie you dislike to please a friend?
  • ... suffer dating stress to impress your date and find a partner?
  • ... worry your friends won't invite you next time if you say "no" to hanging out?

Then learning how to say "no" helps!

It all comes down to knowing your needs & boundaries ...

... when saying "no" (or "HELL YEAH!")

In the masterclass, you will learn to ...

  • ... establish a safe space for yourself & begin accepting who YOU are
  • ... better understand your needs to confidently say "no" (or "HELL YEAH!")
  • ... acquire tools for YOUR independence and strength so you can walk YOUR path
  • ... find confidence and caring friends
  • ... trust yourself, so you can make the right choices for YOU

Join this FREE Masterclass to begin walking your path in our structured program!

In case you're unable to attend the live Masterclass, a recording will be shared with people who registered!

Meet the Siblings Ben & Maxi

Together, we are Samaṇa.
One of us will guide you through your Masterclass.
  • Maxi
    Art Therapist, Breathwork Instructor &
    For me, learning to say "no" is an ongoing journey. I recall numerous instances where my boundaries were disregarded and where I felt I had to defend them.
    Saying "no" left an unpleasant sensation in my stomach area, negative emotions of guilt and shame, that I made someone else feel bad. That I was not the well-adjusted woman or girl, I thought the world had told me to be.

    Engaging in self-empowerment methods made me realize that saying "no" goes beyond using a word—it's about understanding my needs and feelings, accepting who I am, and not rejecting others but prioritizing myself.

    As a woman and mother, saying "no" is crucial for self-reliance, and it doesn't require being mean or aggressive. Knowing our feelings allows better communication, and those who care about us will accept and not love us any less.

    Taking care of my needs enables me to better care for my daughter, respecting her boundaries and those of my partner and friends.

    Balancing family and personal desires brought challenges. I dove into self-engagement through Pranayama and art therapy and co-found Samaṇa with my brother Ben.

    It's incredibly powerful to KNOW that I CAN respect and accept my needs & emotions!
  • Ben
    Management Consultant, Zen Monk &
    I began my career as a management consultant at BCG (Boston Consulting Group).
    I struggled to say "no" to superiors and colleagues, uncertain of my own needs and value.
    I remember when I reluctantly agreed to create backup slides for a PowerPoint presentation at 2am tiredly working in my Hyatt hotel room that could have waited. I was frustrated.

    Despite countless trainings at BCG and throughout my career, no one focused on what needed to happen INSIDE of me to confidently say "no" and to know and honor my boundaries.

    I thus became increasingly interested in learning skills to engage with my inner world and needs.
    I also realized the benefits this brings both professionally and personally!

    Moreover, I was shocked to realize that neither myself, nor anyone I asked, had systematically learnt any of these skills growing up!

    I thus co-founded Samaṇa. Drawing on over a decade of experience working in different organizations, I know the challenges that (future) leaders face and how to deal with them.
    I combine this with my background as a Zen monk, coaching and therapeutic training, and hospice work.

    In addition to my work for Samaṇa, I am currently training as a Zen monk in Berlin, Germany.

If you let cloudy water settle, it will become clear. If you let your upset mind settle, your course will also become clear.

– Gautama Buddha